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Jack Ma

With assets of around 30 billions USD, Jack Ma is one of the richest Chinese. A portrait of a great manager.

Jack was born in the year 1964 in China. From a young age, the son of two storytellers, had the desire to learn a perfect English. I like about him, that he relentlessly went his way. He got 2 times rejected at his desired University in Hangzhou, before it then worked out on the third try. He was able to conclude the English Bachelor degree in 1988.

Around the year 2000 he was – together with a friend- at the Forefront, when the internet made ​​its triumphant advance around the world. He was however rather less the IT geek who has had strong skills in programming etc. That was the part of his good friend. But he was one of the visionaries who recognized early on what a great potential the new digital world brings. Here’s a video before the IPO of Alibaba in China, showing his conviction very well:

In 1999 and 2000, he twice won a venture capital bid in an amount of USD 25 million each, which enabled the establishment of Alibaba with 17 colleagues. Continuously he developed Alibaba from a little marketplace to a big one, that connects today 80 million clients in more than 240 countries.
This sensational interview with Charlie Rose on WEF I do not want to hide from you. Worth every single second. Wonderfully as he openly admits, that he applied 10 times at Harvard University, and was never taken . A notable quote is also :

” When you have 1 million dollars it is your money. When you have 20 million dollars you might have problems. When you have one billion dollars, that is not your money. That is the trust society gives you. They believe you can manage the money, they believe you can use the money better than the government, better than anyone can.”

And as a conclusion , I recommend you the 10 rules for success by Jack Ma. I think he’s awesome :

If you would like to read more in Detail about hes astonishing Career and CV i recommend the detailed articel on Wikipedia.

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