Key Figures: Return on investment

Return on Investment: Who doesn’t like to get something back for his investment?   Calculation: ROI = (profit / revenue) * (sales / total capital) The widespread “return on investment” factor multiples the profitability with the turnover rate of the capital. Thus, many value drivers can be compared (sales, coverage, […]

Key Figures: Return on equity

An important key figure in company valuation is the return on equity   Calculation: Equity ratio = Net income / equity * 100%   This figure reflects the return on equity employed. In principle, the higher the equity return, the more positive the company is to be assessed. However, there may […]


(Deutsch) Interim Management

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EQ Emotionale Intelligenz

Emotional Intelligence – EQ 1

In today’s blog post I dedicate myself to a topic, which was illuminated only in the last decades by scientists, the emotional intelligence. While the Intelligent Quotient ( IQ ) has long been an integral part of research and measurements, was the emotional intelligence before the 20iest century no part of psychological […]

(Deutsch) Revision – Wirtschaftsprüfung

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Big Data Controlling

Big Data – Controlling

Big Data is the trend par excellence in the 21st century. Computers and storage are becoming cheaper, what allows the analysis of vast amounts of data in very short time. The targeted use of Big Data is essential in the future in decisions making. What does big data mean? It is characterized […]

HR-Controlling / Human Resource Controlling 4

Definition and Tasks HR-Controlling The Human Resource Controlling includes planning, assessment and control of both, the performance of the employees, as well as the staff working in Human Resources. Here it is important, that on the one hand the internal structure of the company will be screened, as well as […]

HR Controlling


Marketing Controlling

Definition of Marketing Controlling The two terms are ambivalent twin sisters. Both, Marketing and Controlling, are cross-cutting concepts that should not be a privilege of individual experts. I would say Marketing has the biggest conflict of interest with Controlling as normally they want to spend money optimistically and Controlling is more conservative. […]