IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards

Initiation The International Financial and Reporting Standards, IFRS for short, are internationally recognized accounting standards, which the IASB (Int. Accounting Standards Board) issued. These measures should allow that financial statements of companies and large corporations, detached from the national rules, can be compared with each other. Objectives of IFRS The […]



Budget process

In business planning you differentiate between 3 stages. – Strategic planning (long term – 5 years) – Tactical planning (mid term) – Operational planning (up to 1 year)  The well known budgeting process is considered as operational planning, is done in fall and covers a time span of up to […]

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In proper English this means that you build your website to be understood properly by several search engines. In our day and age search engines take an important role in the web. The leading search engine in the market is Google with approx. 90% […]



Excel Vlookup

Today blog post I want to dedicate an Excel function that easily goes well to non experienced Excel users by the hand and saves time.   With the VLOOKUP formula, one can compare two databases on a key together and link.   In our example, we use two practice tables […]

Certificate of Employment

Certificate of Employment must be drawn up in accordance with positive law. Therefore, the companies have begun the negative findings concerning the performance of an employee hiding hold. So that you can analyze your witness, I have dedicated my first blog post topic testimony encodings. A complete certificate includes the […]