Business valuation

When do you need a business valuation? • Normally, when making a purchase or sale of a business • Liquidation or insolvency proceedings • IPO • Mergers • Change of shareholders or partnerships • Management Buyout • Expropriation Common to these occasions is, that they all lead to a change of […]




Innovation is literally translated renewal. Economy and society are changing when production factors are linked and exploited together in a novel way. In this case, an enterprise enforces technical or organizational innovations. Nowadays it is very important that a company is innovative and does not rest on successes realized. But […]


Budget process

In business planning you differentiate between 3 stages. – Strategic planning (long term – 5 years) – Tactical planning (mid term) – Operational planning (up to 1 year)  The well known budgeting process is considered as operational planning, is done in fall and covers a time span of up to […]