Business valuation

When do you need a business valuation? • Normally, when making a purchase or sale of a business • Liquidation or insolvency proceedings • IPO • Mergers • Change of shareholders or partnerships • Management Buyout • Expropriation Common to these occasions is, that they all lead to a change of […]


IFRS Erklärung

(Deutsch) IFRS für Manager

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Excel – Pivottables

Pivottables – Controllers favorite tool In today’s blog post I would like to introduce you in the amazing world of pivottables . As an example we use this Excel table: A B C D E F 2 Company Product Turnover Hours Turn. per hour 3 Meierhans AG Interim CFO Cola 15000 150 100 4 […]

Pivot Tabelle

Jack Ma

Inspiring personalities – Jack Ma

Jack Ma With assets of around 30 billions USD, Jack Ma is one of the richest Chinese. A portrait of a great manager. Jack was born in the year 1964 in China. From a young age, the son of two storytellers, had the desire to learn a perfect English. I like about […]

Canton comparison Switzerland

Canton comparison Switzerland Comparison of important economic indicators: Key Figure Aargau Zürich Bern Basel Stadt Luzern Zug Solothurn St. Gallen Graubünden Tessin Waadt Wallis Genf Population 636.362 1.425.538 1.001.281 189.335 390.349 118.118 261.437 491.699 194.959 346.539 749.373 327.011 469.433 Growth in % 4,1 3,8 2,2 2,4 3,4 4,4 2,4 2,7 […]

Schweiz Wappen

ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

Marketshares and Evolution of the ERP market The ERP market has grown by 3.8% in 2013. Previous year 2012 a remarkable growth of 2.2% was recorded. A quarter of the market is dominated by the german software Company SAP:   What should be considered in an ERP implementation? – What are […]

Inspiring personalities: Richard Branson

At an age of 16 he had his first Company, today his imperium of Virgin companies makes a total turnover of more than 24 billions US Dollars. The inspiring Sir Richard Branson offers his humorous way and applies to insiders as an excellent motivator . He is lovingly called ” […]

Richard Branson

Financial Leadership

Financial Leadership – Aufgaben des CFO

Financial Leadership ist mehr als Effizienzsteigerung im Bereich Finanzen: Der CFO ist heutzutage zuständig für die Erschaffung von Wettbewerbsvorteilen und in schlechteren Zeiten Krisen sicher zu überstehen. Dabei bedingt es einem sehr offenen Mindset. Eine gute Finanzführungspersönlichkeit verfügt über ein ausgeprägtes Businessverständnis und schafft es in verschiedenen Szenarien zu denken. […]


Innovation is literally translated renewal. Economy and society are changing when production factors are linked and exploited together in a novel way. In this case, an enterprise enforces technical or organizational innovations. Nowadays it is very important that a company is innovative and does not rest on successes realized. But […]



ICS – Internal Control System

Straight through the dangers of today’s digitalization of the business world, a functioning ICS (internal control system) an important priority must be assigned. For me an example of a super-Gau, the affair of the American Diplomat enfichen has been passed down in enormous large scale to Wikileaks. Had taken more […]